KLM’s Educational Video Series

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KLM Labs Presents Digital Casting

NEW Digital Casting and eLab Intro 3:14

Digital Cast Quality Review 1:17

Digital Casting Workshop 4:23

Intro to Digital Casting 0:39

Digital Casting Instruction 2:59

Learn To Use KLM’s eLab (with subtitles)

Creating Support Tickets 1:10

Receiving Support Tickets 2:53

Submitting Digital Casts 1:59

Subtalar Neutral and Correct Casting Techniques with Dr. Richie DPM

Subtalar Neutral Positioning 10:49

Implementing AFO Therapy in your practice – Presented by Dr. Richie DPM

Removing the Obstacles 4:19

Why Prescribe Custom 1:39

Digital Casting for AFOs 1:16

Keeping Your Patients for Life 2:14

Dr. Richie Presents Digital Casting and Positioning the Patient

Digital Casting with Dr. Richie 5:41

Positioning Supine 0:50

Positioning Prone 1:04

The Scanning Process 2:23

Clinical Pearls of AFO Therapy, Featuring Dr. Richie

Intro / Reducing Forefoot Supinatus When Casting 4:13

Essentials of Cast Quality 2:40

Controlling Forefoot Abduction and Prescribing Flanges Correctly 2:09

Medial Malleolus Rubbing? – Adding Padding 2:10

In Office Spot Heating 4:31

Demonstrating Foot Function To Patients 4:27

Promote Orthotic Therapy and Your Practice

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Generic Version With Sound 1:55

Generic Silent Version with Subtitles  2:19

Orthotic Casting Techniques

Foam Impression 2:07

Neutral Suspension 8:41

Neutral Suspension 6:43

STS Sock 12:09

KLM At Work

Production Tech Tour 1:54

KLM Labs At Work 1:39

KLM Automation 1:40

KLM Milling 0:52

Trimming Covers – How To

Trim Your Insole – Video

Downloadable Cover Trimming Chart

Trim Your Insole – Download PDF