Based on KLM’s System Rx technology (US Patent No. 5,746,952), this trilaminate insole comes in three different shell rigidities to customize and accommodate any patient’s biomechanical support requirements.  Order by shoe size: Available in men’s sizes 4-16 and women’s 6-18.

  • The shell is laminated between a top and bottom cover
  • The top cover to the toes provides shock absorption and the bottom cover adds additional comfort and proper shoe fit

Superstep™ Max (Black Shell):

  • Semi-rigid poly shell provides firm arch support and maximum pronation control

Superstep™ Medium (White Shell):

  • Semi-flexible poly shell provides intermediate arch control and medium pronation control

Superstep™ Mild (Clear Shell):

  • Forgiving poly shell provides flexible arch support and mild pronation control

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