Posted CP-3300 Shell

The Posted CP-3300 Shell is a polypropylene orthotic shell that is based on KLM’s System Rx technology (US Patent No. 5,746,952.)  They are exactly like CP-3300 Shells, except they have an intrinsic, 2 degree inverted post in addition.  The horseshoe shape of the post allows for minimal bulk, and for heel lift attachments.  KLM’s “Lift Clips” are small lego-like pieces which are 2mm thick and attach to the plantar aspect of the post.  These attachments allow you to add inversion or eversion to the post as well as heel lifts up to 6mm.  Adjust the orthotic during your patient’s very first visit and easily set the adjustment with a few drops of superglue!

Great for general foot fatigue and plantar fasciitis, they can also be covered with any of our padded materials.

Order by shoe size: Currently available in a semi-flexible, men’s sizes 6-12 and women’s 8-14.

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