CP Cobra

CP-Cobras™ have the same shape and structure as the CP-3300 shell but are modified with the cobra design to fit easily into any men’s hard to fit shoes or women's high heel shoes — even spikes and boots.

  • CP-Cobras™ fit best in shoes with a full heel counter or heel strap
  • Cobra shape allows the shell to bend smoothly over the shank, regardless of shape or heel height
  • The design allows the shell to maintain its orthotic qualities, providing excellent support and increased shock absorption
  • Like CP-3300s, CP-Cobras come in three different flexibilities or levels of stiffness
  • Order by shoe size: Available in Men’s sizes 4-16 and Women’s 6-18

CP Cobra Max (Black Shell):

  • Semi-rigid poly shell provides firm arch support and maximum pronation control

CP Cobra Medium (Beige Shell):

  • Semi-flexible poly shell provides intermediate arch control and medium pronation control

CP Cobra Mild (Clear Shell):

  • Forgiving poly shell provides flexible arch support and mild pronation control

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