Clouds are the premier Over-The-Counter (OTC) soft insole by shoe size. Clouds are constructed from soft, cushioning materials that provide mild support and excellent shock absorption. They easily fit into shoes with removable insoles – even extra depth shoes. And Clouds conform quickly to your feet to provide a uniquely customizing relief for each person. Clouds are also the perfect solution for anyone who cannot tolerate a rigid or plastic foot orthotic. Order by shoe size: Available in men’s sizes 6-12 and women’s 8-14.

Clouds are available in 3 different styles to provide the exact relief you need.

Semi Soft

  • Stiff and firm White Plastizote shell
  • 1/8″ Black/Gold/White EVA top cover
  • Full length Diabetic insoles that provide firm support as well as padding and comfort
  • Excellent for patients who cannot tolerate plastic orthotics and need good support


  • Blue micropuff shell for extra shock absorption and comfort
  • Pink micropuff top cover excellent for anyone with sensitive skin
  • Intermediate support and pronation control

Super Soft

  • Made entirely of pink micropuff
  • Designed for total comfort
  • Mild support and pronation control
  • You won’t believe how soft and cushy they are

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