Orthotic Cost Reduction

Why are custom orthotics so expensive?

Due to the hands on labor required to construct custom orthotics, quantity discounts are not available.  However, KLM has devised multiple ways of reducing the labor and cost of orthoses.  Historically, custom neutral position orthotics were made by converting the negative casts of a patient’s feet into positive plaster molds.  The orthotics were then pressed to the corrected molds to create a handmade custom device.  This technique is known as “Hand Corrected” and is the most labor intensive way to make custom foot orthotics, also making it the most expensive.

The innovators at KLM Labs developed another technique called “System_Rx.”  This computerized cast correction system uses the critical data from the patient’s negative casts.   Per the practitioner’s prescription, corrections are added and the computer generates a positive mold to which the custom orthotic is pressed.  Removing some of the labor required for the Hand Corrected technique, System_Rx allows for reduced costs without compromising accuracy.

KLM Labs has expanded on the “System_Rx” correction technique by creating the “Value System_Rx” orthotic shells.  After monitoring System_Rx and discovering that 99 shapes repeated themselves more than 70% of the time, KLM built these 99 shapes as plastic injection molds.  Now these common shapes can be injection molded as polypropylene shells available in 3 rigidities.  While these shells are not recommended for patients with severe foot deformities, they are very effective for patients with normal foot types.  The less labor required to make the orthotic shell, the greater savings for the practitioner.

For the benefit of practitioners and patients alike, all of KLM’s Rx Foot Orthotics can also be made by shoe size. Yes, that means all of the Sport, Fashion, Geriatric, Pediatric and Diabetic custom orthotics. If for whatever reason, casts of the patient’s feet are not available, or the patient cannot afford custom orthotics, simply check the box labeled “California Preform” in the upper right hand corner of KLM’s Rx form and include the patient’s shoe size. Also, enjoy the California Preform Discount! Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our world class customer service team by email at cservice@klmlabs.com or by phone at 800-556-3668.

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