KLM’s Cast Correction Techniques

Hand Corrected

Hand Corrected is the traditional way of making foot orthotics. The negative casts are corrected and converted into a positive mold. Per the prescription, accommodations are added to the mold. An orthotic is pressed to the mold to create a custom handmade device.


System_Rx is a computerized cast correction system. The critical data is taken from the negative casts and entered into the system. Per the prescription, corrections and accommodations are added to the data.  The computer generates a positive mold to which a custom orthotic is pressed. By using System_Rx you eliminate the labor expense of pouring and correcting the casts by hand.


Value_Rx was developed by monitoring System_Rx and realizing that 99 different shapes were used more than 70% of the time. These 99 shapes are now injection molded as polypropylene shells available in four rigidities. When KLM receives casts from a practitioner, the critical data is taken from the negative casts in the same way as in the System_Rx technique. However, instead of hand pressing an orthotic to a positive mold, the computer system selects the correct injection molded System_Rx Shell for the patient. Extrinsic posting, top covers, and forefoot accommodations can then be added to the device. Value_Rx is designed for patients with normal foot types and is not recommended for patients with severe deformities.