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Welcome to the KLM Labs Blog!

Welcome to the KLM Labs blog for medical professionals. We are very excited to provide this forum for continuing education and discussion of podiatric science and biomechanics. KLM Labs has been manufacturing custom and over the counter foot orthotics /ankle foot orthotics in California for over 40 years. We are proud to continue this tradition of American manufacturing.

KLM Labs blog will come to be your source for up to date industry information and cutting edge technology. We will provide information on traditional casting techniques as well as new and innovative scanning options.  Our biomechanical education will enhance the medical experience you have and will continue to complement the extensive knowledge of most licensed medical professionals. We look forward to addressing accommodations for common foot irregularities as well as options for uncommon foot deformities.  We believe our blog will serve as a supplementary tool in helping you to help your patients.

Again we at KLM Labs would like to welcome you to our blog, we are eager to provide an opportunity to exchange information and welcome your feedback.

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