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KLM’s Educational Videos

KLM Labs has produced a number of educational videos for both practitioners and patients.   You can find them on our website by clicking here.

Most recently, KLM’s video department got together with Dr. Douglas Richie to produce a series on AFO Therapy.  This series includes episodes on casting techniques, as well as common adjustments that can be made by the doctor in their office.  Team KLM is very excited to share these tips and tricks to help you assure a good fitting brace for your patient, and thus a positive outcome for their treatment.

PRESENT Podiatry is publishing the videos one at a time as part of their “Newsflash” Series.  Visit their website here.

Note the recent “Issue 36”.  It’s one of the favorites amongst Team KLM because it describes the functions of the foot and how to explain those functions to a patient.  It brings us great pride here at KLM Labs to know that we are serving practitioners and patients alike.


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