How To Order Value_RX Orthotics

  1. Select the check box labeled Value_Rx in the top right hand corner of the KLM Prescription Form
  2. Do not select another orthotic type on the form
  3. Indicate the support required by selecting More Rigid or More Flexible under Orthotic Strength on the right hand column of the form
  4. Be sure to include the patient’s age, sex, and weight, so KLM has as much information as possible to create a correct device
  5. Choose the cover length and required material, no cover is also acceptable
  6. Add extrinsic posting if it is required
  7. Add special additions and accommodations if they are required
  8. Keep in mind that Value_Rx Orthotics are made from injection molded polypropylene shells, therefore:
    • Graphite and Fiberglass are not available
    • Intrinsic accommodations like Fascial Grooves, Skives and Flanges are not available
    • The maximum heel cup depth is 16 mm
    • Orthotic width cannot be adjusted
  9. Please enjoy the extra savings allowed by the Value_Rx Correction Technique