KLM’s Online Printable Forms

Find all of our printable PDF forms here! Download the Free Adobe Reader to view and print these forms.

When saved to your computer and opened in Adobe Reader, the New Account form and OTC order forms are fillable.

Once you have completed a form, you can save it as a new document and email it to cservice@klmlabs.com to submit.

You can also print it out and fax it to KLM’s toll free fax: 800-556-3338 or local fax: 661-295-2615

Call KLM’s Customer Service Team at 800-556-3668 for assistance.

New Account Form

CP-3300 Shells

Posted CP-3300 Shells

Gold Insoles

Kiddythotic & Junior


Product Catalog

CP Insoles

CP Cobra Shells

Essence Insoles

Kid Os

Orthoshield Brochure

Patient Brochure

Prescription Orthotic

CP Plus Insoles

Superstep Insoles


Aloha_Rx Sandal

System_Rx Shells Sizing Chart

Richie Brace

Richie Aerospring Systems

Richie OTC Brace

Richie Dynamic Assist

System_Rx Shells Order Form